Starfish thoughts

my name is Padma Shyamananda Shravana; the short version is Shya Shravana… there seems to be a short and a long version of everything… that is why I am here, blogging, and likely why you are here, reading, as well…it’s not always easy to tell while in the thick of things which version is going on; often it’s impossible to tell if it really is important to even know how long things are going to take to play out – begging the question, how do we get through this modern age of hypocrisy and quarrel –Kali Yuga — without losing our minds (is that a bad thing?) let alone while holding to the belief – FAITH – that there will be a replacement to the chaos of the world as is has come to be…. ? I believe God is in charge of everything–beginnings and endings and everything in between–and looking at this world from the perspective of Santana Dharma (The Eternal Way) gives plenty of food for thought…for me, for you, and for Starfish Way, today: Hare Krishna!

This is more confusing than I thought it would be

Master Mind

“The mind in the vast majority of persons, has been allowed to run wild and follow its sweet will and desires. It is like a spoiled child which is given too much of indulgence by the parents or a badly trained animal. The minds of many of us are like menageries of wild animals eachContinue reading “Master Mind”

like it or not

just so you know where I am coming from so to speak: the Ten Commandments are the most succinct guide I have found for good behavior and correct results if you are really interested in happiness and peace 🥰 a word of caution: much of the Bible has been misconstrued and used to mislead people…Continue reading “like it or not”

Food for thought

I am not my body I am not my mind I am not my emotions I am not my senses I am not my will I know this because I can control all of these


I like these likes 🙏 I hope you like them too 🥰 a word of caution: yoga in the west is not actually yoga 🤔

Five Things My Supposedly Satanic Leader Taught Me

“These topics alone warrant a lifetime’s worth of study and more to fully understand. Let others bring similar knowledge to the table; lest they be accused of following blindly, of lacking intelligence, of living like animals, of not knowing anything about the Almighty. The followers of Bhagavad-gita can continue to be happy in their connectionContinue reading “Five Things My Supposedly Satanic Leader Taught Me”


a prayer May we hear only what is good for all. May we see only what is good for all. May we serve you, Lord of Love, all our life. May we be used to spread your peace on earth. OM shanti shanti shanti

Guiding Words

from a spiritual master: Lead a life of self-restraint, service, devotion, spirituality and meditation. Speak the truth. Do not injure any living being. Help your neighbour. This is Divine Life. Live this Divine Life! Realise the indwelling Divine Being. God grant you Peace, Bliss and Immortality. May the Light of lights guide you in theContinue reading “Guiding Words”

Feels So Good

I still have enough remaining ego to appreciate a like on a comment I made on my favorite blog 😶

a spiritual society unhindered by geographical conditions

The pious and saintly Vaiṣṇavas understand the exact meaning of the Bhagavad-gītā. The simple message of the Gītā is self-illuminated like the sun. Its knowledge is not hidden under a gloomy shroud of impersonalism. There is actually no room for extracting some alternative meaning and then giving a so-called esoteric dissertation on it. The devoteesContinue reading “a spiritual society unhindered by geographical conditions”


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